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We are two brothers who have been grilling and barbecuing since we can remember. Our Dad instilled it in us. From our earliest years we remember Dad grilling Sunday dinners where our Grandma and Grandpa were frequent guests. Our Mom would cook all sorts of delicious sides and other entrees while Dad would grill outside. Usually, the grill would be filled with porksteaks. The porksteaks usually had Maull’s brushed on them. Dad’s grill of choice was a Weber kettle. We have continued the tradition. We still grill up porksteaks, use Maull’s barbecue sauce, and we also continue to cook on Webers. We formed our two-person competition team in 2007 and showed up at the competition with a Weber Silver, Platinum, Performer, and WSM. Needless to say, we received our share of good-natured ribbing and sarcastic chuckles. That is fine with us.

While we still enjoy porksteaks, and grilling in general, we learned to add real barbecue to our repertoire. For years friends, family, neighbors and others told us how much they like our cooking and encouraged us to compete. We finally decided to take the plunge, and Smoki Bros. BBQ was formed. Our first contest was the Second Annual Great Pacific Bluegrass and Barbecue event in Pacific, Missouri, about 40 miles outside of St. Louis. We had a great time and met a lot of really good people. However, when we first pulled in and saw all of the fancy cookers, we seriously thought about just leaving so that we wouldn’t embarrass ourselves. It more than just crossed our minds, we actually discussed it. We decided to stay, but we changed our goal just to not finish in last place. To our great surprise, we were actually called to walk twice. Our ribs placed 7th and our brisket was 8th. Overall, we were 13th out of 38. We were ecstatic, especially given the level of competition. We plan to return to the Great Pacific and do a couple more throughout the year. Recently, we completed the Certified Barbecue Judge’s class through the Kansas City Barbecue Society. Hopefully we will judge some competitions this year.

You can also see our team profile on the KCBS “Meet the Pros” section, here:

We hope you have as much fun in our website as we have grilling and barbecuing for friends, family and others. There is nothing we enjoy more and we hope you have fun along with us.

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