Everyone has all the basics, chimney starter, long-handled spatula, spring loaded long-handled tongs for food, long-handled tongs for charcoal, etc. The purpose of this section is to share our favorite accessories that are more than just the regular tools that everyone needs. It is always tempting to buy the latest toy. Sometimes they work, and other times it is just a waste of money. We hope to give you our input on things that we have bought and work for us. We will even let you know the things that didn't work so well. Hopefully this will allow you to get some input before plunking down money on something you don't know about. If you have any thoughts on accesories that others should or should not buy, let us know and we will post it on here for everyone's benefit. Let us know at:

As a note up front, I buy a lot of supplies from Steven Raichlen's Best of Barbecue line. I also buy a lot from Weber. I find all of their accessories of high quality. Not all are necessary for everyone, and some are just plain not worth it in my opinion. Regardless of whether they are necessary or economical is for everyone to evaluate for themselves. For instance, Raichlen sells a stainless steel beer can chicken rack with connected drip pan for about $25.00. That isn't worth it to me. Nonetheless, everything from both Raichlen and Weber are high quality.

You can look at Raichlen's Best of Barbecue line directly at:; and you can order from weber at

If you find something from anywhere that interests you and is not listed here, go for it and let us know how you like it.

Steven Raichlen Best of Barbecue Grid Lifter with Black Wood Handle

I love this tool. It goes for about $15.00. Before I got this tool, it was always difficult lifting a hot grate up to mess with the charcoal or add wood to a fire. I would have to get my hot mitts, lift with both hands, and either set the grate somewhere that would not be hurt by coming in contact with the hot grate, or awkwardly hold the grate in one hand while I used
my other hand to mess with the fire. Then I would have to find my mitt and replace the grate after I finished what I was doing. I always knew it was awkward, but it never dawned on me that a tool could be used to handle the situation so easily. Now, lifting the grate is done easily with just one hand. It holds the grate solidly enough that you can go about your business with the fire using your free hand without worrying about the grate slipping out of the tool in your other hand. Replacing the grate is just as effortless. I LOVE this tool. This is one that truly makes a difference every time I am at my grill.

Steven Raichlen's Signature Grill Cleaning Brush and Brush Replacements

This wire grate cleaning brush is a little pricey, but I like it. The brush runs about $20. The brush head is wide and the bristles are deep. Each head lasts me about a year, then I replace it. The replacement heads are about $5. I have just bought the brush once, then I buy replacement heads every so often. They are easy to replace and they screw on tightly. You can buy cheaper brushes easily which need to be replaced periodically. This one requires more money up front, but is very sturdy and will last for a long time. I recommend it.

Steven Raichlen's Rectangular 4 Compartments Basket

I have found most basket difficult to deal with. Many times the vegetables, or other contents, slip through the openings, and are in general awkward. This one is good. The openings are small enough to keep vegetables and other contents inside and it is made with non-stick material. The handle is the best thing about this basket. It snaps in and snaps out for easy handling. That way you can put the basket on the grill, snap out the handle and cover the grill. You can then snap in the handle, flip, remove the handle and replace the lid. It has four compartments so you can keep foods separated and the individual compartments snap secure but are easy to deal with. This is the best basket I have ever used.

Steven Raichlen's Insulated Food Gloves

I love pulled pork, and these gloves help dealing with hot meat. They can be a little slick in dealing with fatty food, so there is some awkwardness involved when try to pull individual strands. However, they really do protect your hands from heat and allow you to handle hot meats that otherwise would be untouchable.

K2 Development Pigtail Food Flipper

The manufacturer advertises this as replacing tongs, spatulas, forks, etc. Well, I prefer my trusty tongs and spatula. You have to pierce the food to flip and they are pricey. They come in left-handed or right-handed versions. I ordered one but rarely, if ever, use it.

Weber Style Saucing System

You can put this into the category of unnecessary but cool. This runs about $15 and is not necessary. I can't help it though, I like this thing. It is a clear measuring cup with a handle which has its top that is contoured to perfectly hold the Weber basting brush which sets on top. It makes carrying your baste or barbecue sauce along with the brush easy. Also, after using the brush and setting it back on top, it eliminates drips. It reduces messiness and makes it easier to carry your sauce and brush. I use it virtually every time I fire up my grill. I like it!

Weber Wood Chip Soaker

This is another simple idea that I like. It resembles a large plastic travel mug with a handle. It has a screw down lid with holes in it. The way it works is you file "mug" with as much wood chips or chunks that you require for your cook. Then screw down the lid and dump water in on top. Let it soak for at least an hour, then you can turn it upside down to drain the water, unscrew, and add the soaked chips or chunks directly to your fire. Simple and helpful. For only about $8, it is definitely something that comes in handy.

Weber 9501 Roast Holder and Weber 32915 Roast Holder

I have the 9501 roast holder, which goes for about $15. It is basically a basket large enough to hold roast, flat-cut brisket, or other similar size cuts. It is open on the top and sits on short legs. You place the meat directly in the basket, then place the whole basket on the grill. It makes it easy to put larger, heavier cuts of meat on and off the grill. You also let the meat relax in the holder after removing it from the grill and before you slice it. The 32915 model is a heavier duty version which goes for about $25. The prior version is now going for sale prices with the newer heavier duty version on the market. I use mine all the time and highly recommend it.

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