On the left are links to several barbecue events, as well as a link to the Kansas City Barbeque Society competition events. We may or may not attend the events we link to on the left.

Below is a rolling event schedule for Smoki Bros. BBQ. We chronicle our past events as well as plan for future events. If you see us at any of the events, please come up and say hello. We look forward to meeting you.


Murphysboro Barbeque Cook-Off Contest
Murphysboro, Illinois
September 18-20

This will be the 21st year for this event! When we met with Mike, he mentioned he is exploring making this a duo KCBS-MBN/MIM event. That sounds like an awesome idea and we are looking forward to competing. Mike has given so much to barbecue, we would like to give something back by participating in his event.


The 3rd Annual Great Pacific Missouri BBQ Festival
Pacific, Missouri
August 15-16, 2008

The Smoki Bros. received a written invitation to compete in this event based upon our performance at last year’s event. We are happy to announce we will accept that invitation. The organizers do a great job with this event and we look forward to participating. If we met you last year, we are hoping to get the same spot as we had last year. We hope to renew acquaintances from last year and make new friends this year.


Steven Raichlen’s History of Barbecue Lecture
St. Louis, Missouri
June 16, 2008

The Smoki Bros. and Scott’s wife Dina attended Steven Raichlen’s History of Barbecue lecture. This is part of his tour to promote the 10th Anniversary Edition of Barbecue! Bible. Steven's talk included a slide show to discuss the history of barbecue from prehistoric times through the present. The beginnings of "barbacoa" through natives of present day Haiti, as discovered by the Spanish, was particularly interesting to an old history major like myself. The lecture was heavy on history and culture, as opposed to a cooking class. The end of the slide show included many pictures from his most recent travels for writing Planet Barbecue. After the lecture, he opened the floor for Q and A. As could be expected, the audience was diverse as far as grilling/bbq experience goes. The questions ranged from sophisticated, such as SR's thoughts on injecting and other such questions, to something as simple as "Have you ever tried Ray's sauce?", which we can only assume the questioner meant Sweet Baby Ray's. After the Q and A session he sat down for a book signing. I not only got my 10th Anniversary book signed, but also he signed my well worn copy of BBQ USA. For my brother, he even signed a photograph of my brother with SR which was taken on Steven's previous visit to St. Louis.

Steven is an interesting guy who likes to talk about much more than just barbecue and grilling. As he mentioned at the beginning of his talk, his main interests in life are not only bbq, but also culture, literature, anthropology and history. He uses barbecue to bring all those subjects together in his talk. It was an interesting experience and I recommend everyone who has a chance to attend.


Kansas City Barbeque Society Great American BBQ Tour
Rib America
St. Louis, Missouri
May 23-25, 2008

Rib America is a fixture of Labor Day in St. Louis. It takes place downtown on the plaza across from City Hall, just west of the Civil Courts building, atTucker (12th) and Market streets. This year KCBS is participating. We look forward to attending the KCBS BBQ tour. Below is a description of the tour quoted directly from the KCBS website:

“The Kansas City Barbeque Society is proud to announce the upcoming launch of The Great American BBQ Tour, a cross-country tour of some of the nation's top BBQ and food festivals. This tour, which will be on display at 23 premiere events and also make numerous stops at retail locations across the U.S., will show how backyard barbecuers can take tips from the BBQ pros of the KCBS and apply them to their outdoor cooking at home. The tour will also demonstrate the products that go great in and with world-class BBQ, including TABASCO brand Chipotle Pepper Sauce, Weber Grill Creations, Royal Oak charcoal and Chinet tableware. Stop by the Great American BBQ Tour display, and you will not only learn tips from the pros, but you can sample BBQ from our expert chefs and walk away with great recipes and tips to use at home. If you have ever wanted to take your barbecuing to the next level, then be sure to check out the Great American BBQ Tour - coming to a city near you! Keep checking back for an updated schedule of tour events.”


Memphis in May
Memphis, Tennessee
May 16-18, 2008

Unfortunately, we are not competing at MIM. However, the Smoki Bros., and our families, will be in Memphis for the festivities. This will be our first experience at MIM and we are looking forward to taking it all in. Apparently, they will continue to refer to this event as MIM, even though the circuit has changed its name to the Memphis Barbecue Network. I hope no truancy officers are reading this, but we are taking our kids out of school on that Friday in order to get down there in good shape. We even have some free lodging thanks to a family friend who moved to Memphis recently. I hope she invites us back next year after our three kids invade her home for the weekend. We will be hanging around all weekend and we hope to see some of you there.


Feast of St. Cronan Parish Picnic
St. Cronan’s Catholic Church
St. Louis, Missouri
April 20, 2008

As legend has it, St. Cronan turned water into beer. Very fitting for a saint from Ireland. This was a small event where we volunteered to grill. We did a few batches of wings with our original marinate and chicken finishing sauce. Things were moving so fast we did not get much feedback, except for two comments. First, a kid said the wings were good, but he liked the sauce so much he wished more sauce were on the wings. Second, after I was done cooking, I walked through the crowd. I heard one man complain to another man he was talking to that he did not get a wing. I noticed some bones on the other man’s plate. He did not know I was the cook and I asked him how the wings were. He replied, very emphatically, “They were REAL good, they were EXCELLENT.” It made me feel good that those who got them liked them. Next year, I will bring more wings!


Pilgrimage to Mike Mills’ original 17th St. Bar and Grill
Murphysboro, Illinois
April 10, 2008

This was a great day. Due to a unique set of circumstances, our schedules allowed us both to drive down to Murphysboro and spend the day with The Legend, Mike Mills. Just as in my previous meeting with Mike at his O’Fallon restaurant, he was extraordinarily gracious with his time. Everyone knows or Mike’s prowess with barbecue. However, for those who have not had the pleasure of meeting him, he may very well be the nicest guy on the face of the earth. He gave us a tour of his operation and we talked barbecue with him for several hours. He even painstakingly evaluated Smoki Bros. rub, as well as our chicken finishing sauce. Surprisingly, we got the thumbs up on our basic rub. As for the sauce, we went to our meeting thinking it was a general sauce. It is now called our chicken finishing sauce for a reason. He patiently demonstrated how it worked well on chicken, but not on pork. So, we are back to the drawing board on a sauce for pork. However, we now have great confidence that our chicken finishing sauce is up to snuff. As nice as he is, he definitely gives opinions. Even as diplomatically as he delivers not so good opinions, he is clear when evaluating barbecue. We even got to try some sauces he is developing but are not yet on the market. What an awesome experience. We were having such a great time we lost track of time and had to drive like bats out of Hades to get back to St. Louis to pick up my kids from school. It was a 2 hour drive and we made it back with 2 minutes to spare. We didn’t want to waste any time when we were getting such good information from a true walking encyclopedia of barbecue. You can see a photo of us on our “Photos” page. Thanks, Mike, and thanks are also very much in order to Mike’s daughter and co-author, Amy, for coordinating this and putting up with us!


Kansas City Barbeque Society Certified Barbeque Judge Class
Columbia, Missouri
March 15, 2008

That’s right, the Smoki Bros. are Certified Barbeque Judges. We in the industry refer to it as CBJ. We got up early and made the drive over to Columbia to attend a class taught by Ed Roith. Frankly, we attended the class in hopes of picking up cooking tips. That is not what the class was about. It was simply a class to teach the rules of judging KCBS barbeque. And there are not that many rules. Taking the class confirmed to me that there is no one secret way to cook, there is not one secret ingredient or sauce that guarantees success. Rather, we were exposed to different styles of cooking and were told to enforce the rules, but judging on taste can be as varied as each individual judge. There were no examples of “the” perfect rib, brisket, pork or chicken. It was truly educational to see several different turn-in boxes opened in front of us to simulate judging at a competition. Do you want some tips on what makes a good turn-in box? Take the class! And remember, if you see us at an event, you should be nice to us. However, you do not need to refer to us as “Your Honors.”
Rib Cooking Class with the original Super Smoker, Terry Black


Kitchen Conservatory Cooking School
Clayton, Missouri
October 6, 2007

The Kitchen Conservatory offers several cooking classes each week. Terry Black is a frequent guest chef and we were happy to attend his class on cooking ribs. Terry is the original Super Smoker, which team has won several championships on the former MIM circuit. Terry currently has his original restaurant, Super Smokers in Eureka, Missouri. We have a link to it on our “Favorite Links” page. The class lasted the entire afternoon and covered everything from how to pick ribs, the different types of ribs, rubs, smoking, cutting and serving. It was all ribs from start to finish. Terry is an entertaining and opinionated teacher. I recall one exchange in particular, where a student asked how Terry handles family members who hound him when the ribs aren’t done “on time.” Terry responded by saying, “I tell them to shut up and have another beer.” The class was on his birthday, but he was still very gracious with his time and hung around after class for informal discussions with those who stayed behind to talk. Needless to say, the Smoki Bros. took advantage and talked with him for quite some time after the class was over. Terry signed Todd’s copy of Peace, Love and Barbecue. He also tried some Smoki Bros. chicken wings with our original chicken finishing sauce. We cooked them before the class and kept them warm in a cooler until after the class was over. After he tried them, he sent me an email saying he liked the sauce! There you have it. Terry Black endorses Smoki Bros. BBQ!


Great Pacific Barbecue and Blues Festival
Pacific, Missouri
August 17-18, 2007

This was our first competition and marks the genesis of Smoki Bros. BBQ. You can read more about our experience on the “Meat Us” page, as well as the “Awards” page. See above for the next scheduled Great Pacific event.

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